Togges Band

Album: To the Muses Album: To the Muses
New album december 2023
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Togges Band

Togges is a band performing the music of Torgny Sjöstedt.

Togges Band Lineup for recording of Togges Band's album Å, ljusa dröm of 2013:
Thomas Frank, guitar / Amanda Werne, guitar, voice / Göran Berg, bass / Oskar Bergenheim, drums / Torgny Sjöstedt, voice.

Togges Band Above (left to right) Göran Berg, Torgny, Henrik Wartel and Jonny Wartel at Fasching, Stockholm, Jan 2020

Togges Band Togges Gossar during a break when recording Barflickans Längtan in 1979 at Långedragsvägen 77, Västra Frölunda. From left to right: Göran Berg, Ulf Dageby, Dennis Huntington, Mats Brune, Helena Östblom and Torgny Sjöstedt. Photo: Göran Hartman.