Togges Band


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Togges Band

Oskar Bergenheim, drums, Amanda Werne, guitar, voice, Torgny Sjöstedt, guitar, voice, Göran Berg, bass, Thomas Frank, guitar. August 2014. Close to Plaskedammen, Majorna, Göteborg.
Photo: Helena Östblom Berg

Togges Bandwith Wartels

Togges Band lineup summer 2015. Henrik Wartel, dr, Jonny Wartel, ts, Thomas Frank, g, Torgny Sjöstedt, v, Georgia Wartel Collins, b.

Togges Band with Mathias Danielsson, steel guitar

A Stockholm version of Togges Band including prominent Swedish steel guitar player Mathias Danielsson about to soundcheck at the Izzy Young Folklore Center in April 2015. From left to right: Mathias Danielsson, Oskar Bergenheim, Karolina Brännström, Thomas Frank and, by his desk, Izzy Young.


Thomas Frank and Torgny Sjöstedt in Paddy's Bar, Storebackegatan 7, Göteborg.
Photo: Jon Forssman

Togges Band

Togges Band. From left to right: Thomas Frank, guitar, Amanda Werne, guitar, voice, Göran Berg, bass, Oskar Bergenheim, drums, Torgny Sjöstedt, guitar, voice.
Publicity collage made 2015 from a picture postcard of the Rocky Mountains, an ICA supermarket advertising leaflet and photographs by Nils-Olof Sjödén.

Togges Band at Grönbo

The very special venue in Grönbo, Dalarna where Togges Band played on 25th April 2015.