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Album: To the Muses New album december 2023
Album: To the Muses
CD including 28 page booklet

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Album: Å, ljusa dröm

Å, ljusa dröm

Togges Band's 2014 vinyl album Å, ljusa dröm! was recorded in the studio of Den Stora Vilan in Kungssten, Göteborg. Lineup: Torgny Sjöstedt, Göran Berg, Amanda Werne and Oskar Bergenheim.

Album: Stockholm, allt gott!

Stockholm, allt gott!

Recorded in Stockholm 2020. Liner notes by Torkel Rasmusson. Studio group including Karolina Brännström, Thomas Frank and Mathias Danielsson.

Album: Skrea strand

Skrea strand    

Recording by the Love Explosion Prog Dream Factory Project from 2006. This group included Dennis Huntington, Torgny Sjöstedt and Stephan Sundström.

Singel: Tjänsteman

En tjänstemans sång till sin chef

"Togges Gossars Ahaha", a dance tune ine twelve-tone mode, features Olle Niklasson, sax and Torbjörn Carlsson on guitar. On the other side of this single the pianist Harald Svensson accopmanies Torgny in the song "En tjänstemans sång till sin chef"


En fot i jorden

Title track has Dennis Huntington singing his own lyrics. Sax solo by Kristian Svenberg. Group including Mats Brune, Bengt Löfqvist and Ulf Dageby. On th b-side Torgny Sjöstedt sings a cover of the religous song "En stad ovan molnen".


Gloria / Silvia

Single. In 1982 Torgny Sjöstedt, Dennis Huntington and Eva-Britt Andersson wrote an extensive musical score for a production of the play "Maratondansen" ("They shoot horses, don't they") by Atelierteatern, Gothenburg. The song Gloria is from the play, here performed by a Togges Gossar lineup including the Heed sisters and Ulf Dageby. On the flip side is a song about Silvia, the swedish queen. On this track Bengt Carlssons replaces Dennis Huntington as drummer. The cover painting is by Gothenburg artist Barbro Mentzer.

Singel: Barflickans längtan

Barflickans längtan

From 1981, first singel of Togges Gossar. Dennis Huntington, Mats Brune, Göran Berg, Helena Östblom, Ulf Dageby and Torgny Sjöstedt all play.